Hispanic Health, Wellness, and Insurance Market in Florida


To provide an overview of the demographics and consumer trends of Hispanic health, wellness, and insurance market in Florida, with a specific focus on the South Florida market, if available. This will be used to inform a marketing strategy aimed at this segment of the population.

Early Findings

The Hispanic Population

  • Hispanics currently make up 17% of the total US population. They have the longest life expectancy of any population group in the US.
  • Hispanics are typically younger and have larger families compared to other demographic groups. Often they are in the lower-income brackets. Mexicans make up 65% of the Hispanic community.
  • There are currently 4.8 million Hispanics in Florida. They account for 24% of the population in Florida. 52% of the Hispanic community in Florida were born in the US. 86% of this group have an origin other than Mexico.
  • The average age of Florida Hispanic is 34. 46% of Hispanics in Florida are married.
  • Hispanic births make up 32% of the births in Florida. This is approximately 69,000 births.
  • The average annual income of Hispanics in Florida is $22,000.
  • The homeownership rate is 50%.
  • 26% of Florida's Hispanic community does not have health insurance.
  • 83% of the Hispanic population speak a language other than English at home.
  • Estimates suggest that up to one-third of the Hispanic population in the US do not have access to healthcare services.


  • Our first hour of research has located some of the required information regarding Hispanics in the State of Florida. There was some limited information regarding the cultural differences of those in South Florida. We suggest continuing this research as set out below.

Proposed next steps:

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We suggest providing a comprehensive overview of the demographics of the Hispanic population in Florida. We will incorporate the information found in this document into the research to provide a comprehensive overview. The demographic profile will include age, gender, marital status, children, occupation, annual income, living status (homeowner or renter), political affiliation, religious affiliation, nationality, and disability. This would be based on the Florida population as there is insufficient information available on the South Florida population. However, if we identify any specifics that are relevant to the South Florida market, we will incorporate them into our research. If there are no details available for any particular area that are specific to Florida, we will provide the US data for this area.
We suggest further research to provide a psychographic profile of the Hispanic community in Florida. This would identify their habits, attitudes, hobbies, and values and beliefs. We will attempt in this research to identify any subgroups that have notable differences within the Florida population if the information is available.
Finally, we suggest providing 5-7 insights into the Hispanic community in Florida's attitudes, behaviors, and perceptions of healthcare and insurance. These insights could include insurance coverage, perception of the services offered, accessibility, healthcare needs, knowledge and education around services, and where they get their information from.