Small Business Digitalization


To develop a series of white papers focused on small businesses and digitalization in the UK, France, and Germany.

Early Findings

  • Drivers of small businesses taking on digitalization include telecommuting and the changing nature of employee hours/shifts, customer expectations (customer experience/personalization), automation, and data availability.
  • This article points out that small businesses are a little slow at tackling digitalization due to risks involved with technology investments and the need for skills and more money to make changes. But some experts believe small businesses, due to their size and flexibility, are "poised to digitalize at a speed that can compete with their larger counterparts."
  • Globally, while 84% of companies consider digital transformation as "crucial," only 3% have actually finished these transformations on a company-wide basis.
  • In a study by Deloitte and MIT, researchers found that "as digitally-maturing companies invest more in innovation, they are achieving transformation at a faster pace than early-stage companies."
  • McKinsey created a report that outlines how Central and Eastern European countries can make bigger growth impacts in the digital industry.
  • Challenges of digital transformation in Europe, while expected in traditional sectors, are also present for high-tech businesses because these entities have to "keep up with global competition and the emergence of disruptive technologies and business models."
  • Germany has some ups and downs in its rankings related to its digitalization progress. In 2018, one report ranked them as "medium." A more current report listed Germany’s weaknesses to include "shortage of skilled workers, the network infrastructure, and a relatively strict regulatory framework."

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