Workout/Fitness Space in the US


To understand trends in the workout/fitness space, what brands are at the heart of those trends, the factors that affect people picking up or leaving a fitness routine, Peloton's keys to success, and things that 35-50-year-old men are doing for fitness.

Early Findings


Factors That Make People Take Up/Let Go Of A Fitness Routine

Some of the factors that make people fall out of their fitness routine are:
  • Their fitness routine is too hard.
  • Their schedule doesn't fit their lifestyle.
  • They don't like their workouts.
  • They experience pain.
  • They are unaware of how to setup a balanced fitness routine.
Some of the factors that make people stick to their fitness routine are:
  • They enjoy their fitness routine.
  • Self efficacy is one of the major factors in order to make one to stick to their routine.
  • Social support also helps in adhering to one's fitness routine.
  • Accountability can also help in maintaining a routine.
  • Integration into the daily routine/lifestyle also helps in sticking to the routine.

Peloton's Success

There are several factors that contributed to Peloton's success. Some of them are:
  • A community approach.
  • Creating multiple businesses in one.
  • Catering to consumers where they are comfortable.

Senior Fitness Trends

  • Older people are focusing on activities that minimize the effects of aging.
  • Older adults are turning to wearable technology, specifically smartwatches and fitness trackers.
  • Other trends include yoga, walking clubs, balance classes, water-based exercises, and Tai Chi.

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