Research Outline

Offline/Online Stores - Innovation Inspiration


To identify examples of innovation in the shopping experience that can be translated from retail stores to an online experience in Wix Platform.

Early Findings

Innovation Example: 3D Virtual Product Customization

  • The New Balance launched its physical version of the customization tool, "an interactive touch-screen kiosk that allows shoppers to design everything from laces and logos to fabric and heel phrases. According to Foot Locker, the possible combinations are nothing short of dizzying — all adding up to a total of 48,000,000,000,000,000 combinations (that's 48 quadrillions or 48,000 billion for those keeping track). The interactive screens are situated above merchandising displays featuring various color combinations of the 574, giving shoppers the opportunity to touch, feel, and see the real-life product while they design their custom kicks. Not forgetting the importance of social media, the kiosk also enables shoppers to share their designs on Facebook or Twitter directly from the screen."
  • Images could be accessed here.
  • Another example is JOANN's 3D Laser Tech for in-store product customization, which includes 3D laser cutting and engraving in the JOANN Custom Shop in-mall kiosk. "Instead of making objects out of plastic strands, the Glowforge technology uses a laser to quickly cut and engrave products made from raw materials like leather, paper, plastic, fabric, or cardboard, all with the push of a button. With Glowforge, shoppers can start with a hand-drawn image and use software like Photoshop or clip art to 3D print a file using a cloud-based app. Users can preview the results and drag the images around on their chosen material to position them as they prefer."

Wix Platform

  • About 29.82% of Wix website traffic comes from the United States.
  • According to Website Builder Expert, the top website builders are Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, SITE123, Strikingly, Duda, and GoDaddy.

Summary of Our Early Findings Relevant to The Goals

  • The goal of the initial hour of the research is to discover the feasibility of the research, to provide early findings, and to understand the overall project viability. Our preliminary research highlighted an example of innovation in the shopping experience that can be translated from retail stores to an online experience in Wix Platform.
  • Early research found that data surrounding Wix and its competitors is publicly available. Thus, our recommendations are based on our findings in early research.
  • Since a specific geographic focus was not indicated, we are assuming that this research is focused on the United States because about 30% of Wix online traffic comes from the United States. If another targeted market is requested (the United Kingdom or globally, for example), please let us know in any reply.
  • Please select one or more of the options provided in the proposed scoping section below.