Whiskey/brown spirit overview


To find information about occasions and ways to drink whiskey and make comparisons with other types of alcohol. Additionally, to find the difference and common points between off-premise whisky drinking and on-premise. This information will be used to build a new business project.

Early Findings

    • Whiskey can be consumed on a number of different occasions.
    • It can be used in a festive way, to celebrate an accomplishment such as a graduation, a promotion or the launch of a business.
    • It can also be used as a comfort drink, to lessen the pain of a disappointment or bad news.
    • As for locations, people share whiskey with friends and family at home or drink it at a bar, to make new friends.
    • Whiskey can be consumed straight, shaken, stirred, with ice, water or mixed in a cocktail.
    • Many different types of whiskey cocktails can be consumed for various occasions, such as dates, family outings, barbecues or poker games with friends.
    • It is marketed as a gentleman's drink as well, used by sophisticated people to celebrate success.
    • In terms of market demographics, American millennials have been switching their alcohol consumption from wine and beer to spirits such as whiskey.
    • Beer used to be the most popular choice of alcohol in the 90s with 60% but has fallen to less than 50% in 2017.
    • A study has found that different types of alcohol are drunk at different types of occasions: Beer and Liquor are drunk in nearly the same proportion at most occasions, with wine the third most popular type of alcohol.
    • The highest level of whiskey drunk is during bachelor or bachelorette parties, nights out with friends and wedding receptions.
    • The lowest level of whiskey drunk, according to the study, is during office parties, dates nights and nights out with colleagues.
    • Cocktails are a popular way to drink whiskey on-premise.
    • Brown spirits are mainly whiskeys and bourbon.
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