Mental Health Conversations


Determine the top conversational topics and the specific individuals who are influencing public opinion in the mood, stress, or anxiety space to understand the happenings in this area.

Early Findings


  • As mood, stress, and anxiety topics are typically categorized under mental health, the research also focused on general discussions about this topic.
  • Based on a study, Twitter is deemed to be instrumental in positively transforming the outlook of individuals with mental health problems after engaging in Twitter conversations on the topic.
  • On Twitter, some of the top mental health influencers who lead conversations on the platform include the following:
    • Matt Haig (@matthaig1) discusses about mental health topics and his struggles with depression and anxiety.
      • Currently, he has 341.2K followers on Twitter.
    • Dr. Keely Kolmes (@drkkolmes) is a psychologist who leads conversations around mental health issues on her Twitter account.
        • Currently, she has 76.2K followers on Twitter.
    • Dr. Beth Frates (@BethFratesMD) is a lifestyle medicine expert who talks about mental health concerns such as mood and stress on her Twitter account.
          • Currently, she has 87.4K followers on the platform.
  • With regard to book authors that talk about mental health topics around anxiety, mood, and stress, the following are the most popular ones that are recommended by psychologists:
  • Dr. Edmund J. Bourne, Ph.D. is the author of "The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook."
  • In the book, Dr. Bourne talks about various ways to cope with different types of anxiety disorders.
  • Taylor Newendorp is another best-selling author who penned "The Perfectionism Workbook."
  • The author discusses about dealing with the anxiety caused by striving for extreme perfection.
  • Melanie Greenberg, Ph.D. is the author of another best-selling book called "The Stress-Proof Brain."
  • According to Ms. Greenberg, part of people's brains can be stretched to change their perception of various stressful situations.

  • Based on the top hashtags, some of the top conversation topics in social media about anxiety are the following: anxiety - 100%, anxiety help - 8.58%, anxiety attach - 2.11%, anxiety sucks - 1.74%, and anxiety recovery - 1.72%.
  • With regard to stress, the top conversation topics include stress - 100%, stress relief - 46.43%, stress-free - 33.45%, stress reliever - 24.51%, and stressed out - 15.67%.
  • In Google Trends, the top trending topics on anxiety include ways of coping with the condition such as using medications, essential oils, service dogs, meditation, and others.


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