Cloud Migration


To find why more companies are not migrating their work and applications to the cloud.

Early Findings

  • TechBeacon writes that enterprises have not yet migrated because it is perceived as expensive and painful. There is a perception that there are money-grabbing consultants who offer to help but charge extremely high fees to do so.
  • There are generational difficulties, as leading C-suite executives are usually of an age that they have decades of hardware experience but may not yet feel comfortable with IaaS. 49% of companies surveyed felt they lacked sufficient technical expertise to justify migrating.
  • The cloud is perceived as much more complicated that local infrastructure.
  • A more up to date article writes that security is a major concern creating a barrier to cloud migration. 61% of all companies cite this as their top reason.
  • 80% of companies surveyed plan to move at least some applications to a public cloud sometime in the future.
  • 49% of all applications for enterprise-level companies have already been adopted.
  • Some companies fear they do not have sufficient bandwidth to run cloud-based systems.
  • Another article cites 'soft' reasons behind a lack of cloud migration. There are organizational politics, resourcing and financial implications to consider.
  • While there was not much publicly available information by industry, we would infer that industries with greater security concerns (such as financial services) would be less likely to migrate.
  • Additionally, smaller companies would find a sigificant upfront cost barrier to migration.

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