Research Outline

Content Marketing: eCommerce


To understand why eCommerce businesses should invest in content marketing, examples of content marketing methods (video, blogs, email, etc.) that work best for eCommerce, and why, and to obtain trustworthy statistics from trusted sources.
  • To obtain three benefits of content marketing for eCommerce brands.
  • To obtain 4-5 additional content marketing methods that work best for eCommerce, and how to use them. (Influencer marketing has already been identified.)

Early Findings

Content Marketing Overview

  • Content marketing is the creation of high-quality, original content that aims to attract the target audience. It is essential in building trust with current customers, engaging them on social media platforms where they can share the content, and converting prospecting clients into loyal customers.

How eCommerce Can Use Content Marketing

  • Some ways eCommerce businesses can do this include publishing how-to videos. These videos allow customers to learn more about the products and stay engaged. It can also serve as an effective demonstration of how to use the products and enhance its value by focusing on the features and benefits.
  • Creative images of the product are critical in enhancing the content strategy. These can be used on platforms such as the company blog and Instagram page. A good combination of content and high-resolution images attracts customers.
  • The third way of using content marketing adequately is by becoming an online hub. Producing helpful and informative content can enhance the importance of an eCommerce business, making it an authority in its field. Content here can address aspects of the industry, trends, customers, and any other relevant information. In the event that reputable sources share the content, this will drive SEO efforts to one's eCommerce page/site.
  • By addressing customer pain points, eCommerce businesses can influence the decision-making process and increase sales. One example here is how Nordstrom created content that explained types of suits and fittings. Since these would be investments for most, it reduces customer anxiety, increases convenience, and makes the process enjoyable.
  • Content marketing has been ranked as one of the top ways for generating leads online.

How Content Boosts eCommerce

  • Websites that utilize content marketing convert six times better than those that do not use content marketing.
  • In the retail space, 81% of customers search through content online before making a purchase. The higher the quality of the content, the higher it ranks in organic searches online.
  • Research has shown that 60% of marketers would typically create at least one piece of content daily. According to McKinsey, the three Cs that keeps customers engaged is consistency, consistency, and consistency.
  • According to Aberdeen, eCommerce businesses that produce content and have established themselves as a leader in their industry will generate unique annual growth of 7.8 times compared to those that follow: 19.7% versus 2.5%.
  • Research shows that 82% of customers have a positive opinion toward businesses that produce content regularly.
  • 70% feel a stronger connection to an eCommerce business because of the content it publishes.
  • 60% of customers enjoy reading/watching creative/unique content published by their favorite brands/businesses.
  • Instead of traditional advertisements, 70% of customers would prefer to learn about businesses from articles and publications.
  • Additionally, 72% of customers build a relationship with brands/businesses that share content online.

Summary of our Early Findings

  • Our initial one-hour research was able to provide basic information and statistics on this topic. As this information is readily and publicly available, the research paths provided below will ensure that you have a comprehensive report. You may select all of them or identify those that will best meet your needs.