To understand the success and failure of robotics companies.

Early Findings

  • One reason why robotics companies fail is consumer expectations are too high. Also, sometimes people are afraid of them or don't find the need for them.
  • One expert speculates there is a disconnect between research into robotics and product-market fit.
  • There is a common mantra that "robotics is hard". It's hard to make something manmade work as elegantly as a human.
  • Robotics has seen slower growth than anticipated or promised, which has led to a disconnect between funding and spending.
  • Demand for robotics is actually lower than expected.
  • The top 5 industries expected to changed by automation are retail, transportation, agriculture, manufacturing and accomodation/food services.
  • Another article adds packaging/shipping, customer service, finance and healthcare to this list.
  • Robots/automation is credited with essentially saving the US automobile industry.
  • There is an issue that manufacturing is still lagging behind fully embracing automation.

Research proposal:

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