WiFi Marketing


To gather information about the best practices for WiFi marketing in the US in order to build a competitive landscape matrix.

Early Findings

WiFi marketing best practices include:

Proposed next steps:

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As we were able to include several WiFi marketing best practices, we recommend providing 2-3 case studies of brands that have successfully used WiFi marketing. For each case study, we will include (1) the problem the brand was having that push them to implement WiFi marketing, (2) how they implemented WiFi marketing, and (3) metrics of success.
Alternatively, we propose providing an analysis of customers' perceptions of the following platforms: (1) Zenreach.com, Beambox.com, Stayfi.com, (2) Yelpwifi.com, joinmywifi.com, and gozonewifi.com. For each platform, we will provide 2-3 examples of customers' reviews and an overview of the perceptions (e.g. are the reviews good or bad in general).