Analysis of WiFi Marketing Platforms


To obtain a SWOT analysis of,,,,, and

Early Findings


  • makes it easy for consumers to access their services by clearly highlighting the ease to set up (using images), cancel the service and the opportunity for free trial of 30 days.
  • It also demonstrates the benefits of using the service, for example, extracting marketing data from guests. It is applicable to several markets including accommodation, retail, pubs and bars, cafes, restaurants and salons and barbers.
  • Beambox already has 1,000 businesses using its services including SubWay, Warrens Bakery, Tavistock Hospitality and Flat Cap Hotels.
  • They have an online presence on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


  • Beambox claims that it is able to help businesses leverage guest WiFi to increase their Instagram following, it also has its own Instagram account which it uses to advertise consumers of its products and to inform them of the types of insights they can gain (e.g. traffic insights) by using the Beambox platform. The company however, does not make their Instagram account accessible to consumers from their website.
  • They also do not have a presence on YouTube.


  • The company could create their own YouTube channel which would give them the opportunity to use videos to attract more visual consumers and a wider audience. YouTube gets at least 2 billion monthly users, with 15% of its traffic coming from the U.S. which would certainly increase brand awareness.
  • Since the company offers a safe and secured environment for its customers, it could target specific customers who have complained of security issues with their WiFi services.


  • If there are any malfunctions to the Beambox device and its access management feature, it could lead to security issues regarding data privacy for the business and customer who's using the 'guest network'.

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