Research Proposal

Brexit Effect on Northern Ireland


To gain an understanding of the effects of Brexit on Northern Ireland in general and Northern Ireland's capital Belfast in particular.

Early Findings


Food Shopping

  • A no-deal Brexit is expected to result to problems in Northern Ireland's retail industry.
  • For the food sector, it is expected that a no-deal Brexit will result in fresh food shortages in Northern Ireland.
  • According to Aodhán Connolly of the Northern Ireland Retail Consortium, consumers cannot stockpile on fresh food and the U.K. is reliant on food supplies from mainland Europe for certain fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • In the U.K., 28% of food comes from the European Union. This can be further broken down into 70% of tomatoes, 86% of lettuces, and 27% of soft fruit.
  • In addition to food shortages, Connolly notes that cost rises are also expected for goods that are imported to Northern Ireland and goods that are made in the country.


  • In August 2019, the heads of 17 royal colleges and health charities across the U.K. wrote a letter to the prime minister that alluded to the fact that clinicians will not be able to guarantee and reassure patients that their health and care will not be affected in a no-deal Brexit.
  • The heads of the colleges and health charities warned that there are significant concerns in regard to shortages of medical supplies.
  • The chairman of Northern Ireland's wing of the British Medical Association, Dr Tom Black has expressed his concerns regarding this issue. However, Dr Black recommends that patients should not stockpile on medicine because viable workarounds to this issue will be developed if supply problems occur.
  • Statistics wise, 75% of the medicine that is used in the U.K. either comes from the EU or via the EU.


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