Home Health Tech Trends


The goal of this project is to determine how people are using home health technology during the COVID-19 pandemic, how it is expected to be used in the near future, and what innovative companies are doing or planning to do regarding home health tech in the US.

Early Findings

  • It is expected that one in three homes will be equipped with some kind of home health smart device within five to ten years.
  • The CDC estimates that 90% of the US health care budget is spent on those with chronic health conditions. Home health tech is expected to help ease spending on hospitals by allowing people to receive health care and monitoring at home.
  • COVID-19 has forced many people, especially senior citizens, to stay home more often, which is expected to increase the use of home health tech.
  • Some telehealth and home health companies are offering free remote health technology to people during the pandemic. Some examples are CareTree, Eversound, and StaySmartCare.
  • Free apps are emerging to help people find COVID-19 resources, check their symptoms, and find testing locations. One example is Apple's app, which was created with collaboration on the part of the CDC.
  • Some top home health tech companies include iHealthHome, SMARTcare Software, Generations Homecare, Hand Off, and Connect America.

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