Research Proposal

Primary IT Purchasers, Influencers & Needs


To obtain a summary of the commonalities and differences between buyer personas and industry specific IT roles in the healthcare systems, Higher Education, Finance, and Media industries for the purpose of creating a marketing plan for 2020.

Early Findings

Based on the research done in one an hour, information exist on the roles of IT professionals in different industries. We did not get to go deep into each role to determine which ones are the influencers and other areas.

IT Roles in Healthcare

IT Roles in Higher Education

  • Management of units of the Information Services division
  • System-wide management, security, and coordination of the technology resources.
  • Responsible for the management of the ERP system, file server and networking infrastructure, learning management system, application software development, information security, BearPass Card Office operations, instructional technologies, open-access computer labs, technical training, micro-computer installation and maintenance, user support services, and policy development regarding information services for staff, faculty and students.
  • Jobs in IT for this industry include classroom support specialist, network administrator systems analyst, computer technology faculty, developer, data/research analyst, PC systems technician, Edtech specialist, database administrator and project management IS specialist.

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