RocketSpace Research


To have a better understanding of RocketSpace. An ideal response would only focus on their Corporate Innovation (CI) services, and have a list of their current paying clients., along with a list of their corporate innovation team members, along with their LinkedIn profile.

Early Findings

  • According to the RocketSpace website, "RocketSpace is a global ecosystem of people and ideas that provides the necessary velocity — both speed and direction — to help the world’s top innovators bring the future to market. Founded in San Francisco in 2011, its global network of technology campuses and services are designed to help tech startups scale. RocketSpace’s Corporate Innovation Services team helps fuel global brands’ innovation programs by tapping into its ecosystem of startups from around the world."
  • RocketSpace has a separate corporate innovation department with six listed team members, all of whom can be found on this spreadsheet. We provided for each person, their name, LinkedIn profile, a brief description of the team member, non footnoted source links used if different from the LinkedIn profile URL, and a special notes section.
  • RocketSpace lists several clients on their website, three of which can also be found on this spreadsheet. We provided their names, their website link, and a brief description of what RocketSpace did for them.
  • RocketSpace left the United Kingdom, which might explain some of the employee purge, but it does not appear that this affects the San Francisco based operations or the corporate innovation part of the business. More research would have to be completed to determine this.

Summary Of Our Early Findings Relevant To The Goals

  • From what we can determine, there must have been a massive purge from the corporate innovation team, as after our initial hour of research, we determined that only two of the six people listed on the RocketSpace corporate innovation section as being on the innovation team are actually still working there. We did not have time in our initial research to do any followup on what happened or why this happened. We also want to caution, that there may be no publicly available data on this if the employees had a nondisclosure agreement that they had to sign.
  • We created this Google spreadsheet with two separate tabs, as instructed.
  • Please select one or more of the options provided in the proposed scoping section below.

Proposed next steps:

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We are suggesting further research to determine whether there are other RocketSpace employees that have been moved over to the corporate innovation part of RocketSpace's business, now that we have determined that four people listed on the company website are no longer employed there. For each person found, we will place the required information as outlined in the early findings in the google spreadsheet we created. Please check this box if we should proceed with this research.
We are also proposing research that continues to build the RocketSpace clients tab on the spreadsheet. We will provide the name of the client, their website link, and a brief description of what RocketSpace did for them. Please check this box if we should proceed with this research.
We are also cautiously suggesting research that investigates why only two out of the six corporate innovation team members listed on the website actually still work at RocketSpace. As mentioned in the early findings, there might not be any publicly available data surrounding this, depending on what happened. Please check this box if we should proceed with this research, with the understanding that this research might not yield very much information.