Women at CES


Gain an understanding of how many women attend CES, their demographics, and the general opinion women have of the gender inequality that exists at the show

Early Findings

CES has a notably bad reputation for including a very small amount of women or people of color, with the majority of its attendees being white males.

The attendance of CES was approximately 175,000 in 2018, 61,000 of which were from outside of the US.

However, the attendance audit by CES does not break the audience at the conference down by gender.

While no stat on female attendance was available, one attendee wrote that attending, she felt like 'a woman in a sea of men' and that men seemed "comfortable ogling all the women, but they weren't always comfortable treating us like equals".

CES was also noted for its bad reputation for including few women and people of color.

Gary Shapirom, chief executive, addressed the issue, saying, ‘We will redouble our efforts to expand women’s voices throughout the conference and as featured speakers.
CES was also criticized heavily for failing to include any women in its 2018 lineup.

This year, the event will attempt to remedy the issue by including a panel where 35% are women and people of color.

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