Women's Health Marketing


Identify the top trends in marketing for Women's Health in 2019. This should include any common themes, platforms, new technologies, or innovative ways they are engaging consumers. For each trend, explain the trend, why it is a trend and include 2-3 examples of the trend.

Early Findings

After a thorough search through market reports specific to Women's healthcare, as well as a review of media sources and online expert blogs, we were unable to find any healthcare marketing trends specific to women's healthcare.

However, we were able to identify five trends in healthcare marketing, which we have outlined here.

Content Marketing

  • Content marketing was routinely recommended as a key marketing practice for healthcare companies in 2019. This is because consumers are looking for information about products on their own, before they ever go to a healthcare practitioner. Good content also helps push the company further up in Google search results, which is still "the number one search engine for those looking for health information or local providers."

Video Marketing

  • Video marketing was also regularly mentioned as the most important type of marketing for healthcare businesses. It is reported that video content can increase the conversion rate by 80%. Live videos are also becoming popular on social media platforms.

Focus on Millennials

Location-Based Advertising

Reputation Management

In addition to this public search, we scanned our proprietary research database of over 1 million sources and were unable to find any specific research reports that address your goals.

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