Research Outline

Wonder as an Investment


To evaluate Wonder as a potential investment.

Early Findings

  • Wonder is an online research company that pairs clients with analysts across all industry sectors. The company offers fast turnaround times, dedicated research assistance, a searchable knowledge library, and centralized billing options. The company employees over 6,000 analysts to enable massive scale for even the most sizable and challenging projects.
  • To deliver value to its clients, Wonder relies on three essential points: 1) the fast turnaround of its researches, 2) the human element with more than 6000 analysts available 24/7, and 3) the “hassle-free” research process where the client only asks and the company manages everything else.
  • In addition, Wonder offers a searchable knowledge library on its platform with centralized billing options. With the fact-finding and intellect skills of a distributed network of analysts worldwide, the company enables individuals, organizations, and businesses “to gain strategic knowledge when they need it most.”
  • Single research reports are offered for $87 for individual clients and $75 for team members with a subscription.
  • Direct competitors in the research market include Evalueserve Rapid Insights, Zursh , and Tyson Heinz.
  • Globally, the size for the market research landscape is approximately $76 billion. Tangentially, the size of the expert networks (which includes GLG and Alphasights) market is $860.1 million.