Wonder as an Investment


To evaluate Wonder as a potential investment.

Early Findings

  • Wonder is an online research company that pairs clients with analysts across all industry sectors. The company offers fast turnaround times, dedicated research assistance, a searchable knowledge library, and centralized billing options. The company employees over 6,000 analysts to enable massive scale for even the most sizable and challenging projects.
  • To deliver value to its clients, Wonder relies on three essential points: 1) the fast turnaround of its researches, 2) the human element with more than 6000 analysts available 24/7, and 3) the “hassle-free” research process where the client only asks and the company manages everything else.
  • In addition, Wonder offers a searchable knowledge library on its platform with centralized billing options. With the fact-finding and intellect skills of a distributed network of analysts worldwide, the company enables individuals, organizations, and businesses “to gain strategic knowledge when they need it most.”
  • Single research reports are offered for $87 for individual clients and $75 for team members with a subscription.
  • Direct competitors in the research market include Evalueserve Rapid Insights, Zursh , and Tyson Heinz.
  • Globally, the size for the market research landscape is approximately $76 billion. Tangentially, the size of the expert networks (which includes GLG and Alphasights) market is $860.1 million.

Proposed next steps:

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Early findings have provided a high-level overview of Wonder and aspects of the business as it relates to a potential investment opportunity. It is suggested to continue the research by further evaluating current trends in the research marketplace as well as an overview of how Wonder is differentiated from its competitors.