Research Outline

Wirepas Mesh: Competitors


To identity competitors with similar technology to Wirepas Mesh and their use cases.

Early Findings


  • Ingenu is the innovator of RPMA (Random Phase Multiple Access) technology, which is a combination of state-of-the-art technologies designed exclusively for wireless machine-to-machine communication.
  • This wireless network technology was designed to suit the needs of machine communication on the Internet of Things. RPMA provides "wider reliable coverage, more usable capacity and scalability, customer-proven longer battery life, full-featured value, and decades of network longevity."
  • One of the key features of this technology is its immense capacity and scalability. It has the capacity of connecting tens of billions of devices. In addition, the company's website states that "RPMA penetrates underground, through concrete, and inside dense buildings providing coverage in a way nobody has done before."
  • An article from Leverage has reported that case studies have shown that RPMA typically had a coverage of 200 square miles in urban settings, and some of Ingenu’s customers in Texas oil fields had a coverage of 400 square miles per tower.
  • This map shows the current coverage of RPMA and its Machine Network access points in the US.