Research Proposal

Incontinence Products for Men


To establish the ideal incontinence products for men by first listing the ideal factors to consider when buying these products.

Early Findings

Quality, Fit and Capacity

  • While there are many incontinence products in the market for men, it is advisable to find good quality, with good fit and capacity.
  • Quality incontinence brands often have an outstanding construction in terms of absorbency, odor control, and proactive measures to contain any leaks. Quality incontinence products for men are also skin-friendly.
  • It is also advisable to shop for fitting products, in terms of size, as well as find highly absorbent products to avoid awkward and messy instances.

Level of Incontinence

  • Finding the ideal incontinence product requires you to first establish and determine your level of incontinence.
Levels of incontinence include;
  • Light; often a dribble or occasional urine release.
  • Moderate; a large urine release, but not a full bladder.
  • Heavy; a full bladder release in the daytime.
  • Overnight; urine release throughout the night.
  • With this awareness, it becomes easier to shop for the ideal incontinence product.

Reusable or Disposable

  • While reusable incontinence products are initially expensive, they are cheaper in the long-term compared to disposable products.
  • Reusable products come in various forms such as men’s pads, men’s briefs and liners, and other levels of incontinence.
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