Research Proposal

Incontinence Products for Postpartum Moms


To establish ideal factors for postpartum moms to consider when buying these incontinence products.

Early Findings

Discreet Bladder Control Pads

  • While there are various bladder control pads in the market, postpartum moms need to establish the ones that are discreet and effective in containing urine.
  • Discreet bladder control pads do not have to be bulky. There are smaller ones in the market that absorb urine just as effectively as the bulky ones.
  • Postpartum moms should also shop for pads that can easily fit in a purse and are easy to change in any restroom.

Understanding the Type of Incontinence

Postpartum moms need to understand the three types of incontinence;
  • Stress urinary incontinence; triggered by pressure such as laughing, sneezing or coughing, as well as physical activities such as jumping or running.
  • Urgency urinary continence; triggered by the uncontrollable urge to release urine, and can lead to leakage.
  • Mixed incontinence; a combination of stress and urgency.
  • By understanding the type of continence and triggers, it becomes easier for postpartum moms to shop for the ideal incontinence products, that can handle leakages.
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