Adult Bedwetting


Provide a brief on adult bedwetting products.

Early Findings


  • One option to address bedwetting are specially-designed bedwetting alarms. The alarms feature a moisture-detecting system which triggers the alarm to go off and wake the person when it feels moisture. The user either wears the device or lies on top of it, depending on the style of device.
  • The effectiveness of these products is two-fold: first, they wake up the user so that they can go to the toilet to finish emptying their bladder; and second, they condition the body to associate the feeling of a full bladder with waking up to use the toilet. "Studies have shown that compared to any other bedwetting treatment, the bedwetting alarm produces the most successful results and the lowest relapse rates. This type of treatment can take several weeks before adults and children stop wetting the bed. The key is to stay persistent and positive."
  • That said, bedwetting alarms are not for everyone. They are not recommended for those with secondary enuresis or degenerative diseases; those who are physically unable to go to the bathroom; and those who can't feel a full bladder.

Bed Protection

  • Another useful type of product for adult bedwetting is bedding and mattress protection. For example, washable, waterproof bedding lies on top of the sheets and protects both the bedding and the mattress.
  • Another option is a mattress cover. "These covers are breathable so they’re very comfortable to sleep on and can easily dry in one cycle. The fitted style is easier to take on and off than the zippered style, which encases the entire mattress. These waterproof products are highly effective in absorbing urine leaks, making your nights easier and wet-free."
  • This article provides a list of some of the top sheets and pads for adult bedwetting on the market.

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