Virtual Backgrounds


To determine best practices in using virtual backgrounds, and lists of free creative backgrounds and free galleries to peruse to be used to create a blog post for clients.

Early Findings

Our research focused on virtual backgrounds rather than video background since reference was made to Zoom and video conferences. Our early findings are below.


  • Outbrain offers 10 virtual backgrounds that can be used in Zoom meetings.
  • Shutterstock offers a free pack of virtual backgrounds that can be used for both Skype and Zoom calls.
  • Canva offers virtual background templates to choose from and gives users the opportunity to create one of their own.
  • Unsplash and Modsy are two other options to choose virtual backgrounds from.

Best practices in choosing virtual backgrounds

  • In choosing a background for meetings, it is better to select an option that would be considered somewhat neutral and not distracting to the attendees. This may require persons to avoid using what they like.
  • Consider backgrounds with good lighting, patterns and colors that will not cause a strain on the eyes.
  • If there is a need to move about or do something else while the meeting is in progress, Zoom offers the option of creating "a looped video background—with you in it".
  • Microsoft Teams offers a blur feature for virtual backgrounds. This allows the camera to focus on the attendee and not so much their background.

Research proposal:

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