Work Evolution: Human-Machine Interaction


To develop an overview of the evolution of workflow and workspaces by 2030 that will enable human-machine interaction and work by providing 3-5 academic papers/reports/whitepapers, including information on summary, name of author(s), name of publication, and year of publication.

Early Findings

1. Automation and Artificial Intelligence - How Machines are Affecting People and Places

  • Summary: The publication presents an in-depth study of Automation and AI, and how they affect the work of the future. The publication covers trends and insights from the past, the present, as well as future trends and projections to provide a detailed analysis of the imapacts, the implications, and the strategies for adjusting to the future of automation and technology.
  • Author(s): Mark Muro, Robert Maxim, Jacob Whiton, with contributions from Ian Hathaway.
  • Name of Publication/Publisher: The Metropolitan Policay Program at Brookings
  • Year of Publication: 2019

2. People and Machines: Partners in Innovation

3. Machine Learning and the New American Dream

  • Summary: The publication discusses the relationship between machine learning and the American future regarding work. It explores the possibilities that could arise from the development and combination of computing technologies and the American workforce.
  • Author(s): Scott Barsotti
  • Name of Publication/Publisher: Carnegie Mellon University - Heinz College
  • Year of Publication: 2018

Additional Resource:

March of the Machines: Amazon’s Robot Workforce and the Future of Work

Proposed next steps:

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Our findings indicate that there are quite many publications on the automation of work and its relationship with workplace/workforce of the future. As such, we would recommend the following. We could proceed to do more research to identify 3-5 publications, studies, and reports from the academia that discusses the human-machine interaction in the workplace of the future and how it is impacted by automation and technology. For each publication/study, we will provide a summary of it, the name of the publisher/source, the year of publication, and the name of the author(s).
Also, we could go ahead to determine the economic impact of automation and technology on the workplace of the future (2030 and beyond), as well as the industries/sectors most likely to be impacted. In providing information on financial impact, we will provide the projected monetary market created by the impact of automation and technology, or the number of work/employment opportunities affected, as available.