Workflowy Company Analysis


Determine the reason why the Workflowy platform remains stagnant for several years now. This information will be used to understand the current state of the company behind the app.

Early Findings




Proposed next steps:

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Our initial research suggests that there are many available resources that can be used to gain more insights on Workflowy's growth trajectory. We then recommend continuing the research to look for 6-8 additional insights on why the company seem stagnant. We will further look at relevant business plans, company announcements, funding data, and other reports that show the priorities and activities of the company and its key leaders.
We also recommend undertaking another research block to look for 2-3 competitors of Workflowy to assess the competitive landscape of this space. This will be helpful to identify where Workflow needs to focus based on its competitors' competitive edge. We will provide their product offerings, competitive advantage, and target customers in a spreadsheet.
We also recommend undertaking additional research to perform a SWOT analysis on Workflowy to fully analyze the company.