Workforce Location Trends


To determine the current trends in workplace location in order to inform a state business development campaign whose goal is to attract businesses and talent to the state.

Early Findings

  • Our initial hour of research was spent determining the factors that are important in order to attract workers to a new location. These factors are described below.
  • According to a recent (2018) Glass Door report, 28.5% of workers are looking to relocate to a new metro area. The report provides data on where applicants come from, which cities they apply to, moving patterns and the kinds of companies applicants consider worth the move. It also defines the job titles with the highest share of applicants, The top three are Chemical Engineer Oracle Database Administrator and ATG Developer.
  • At the top of Glass Doors list for having higher percentages of metro movers are Riverside, California; Sacramento, California, and Baltimore, Maryland.
  • The Rice-Kinder Institute for Urban Research recently published a report called "If you are lucky enough to on the effect of the pandemic on workplace structure. It divides the possibilities into three types of locations, the Urban Hotel, the Suburban Workshop and the Exurban Metropolis.
  • "You live where you work is a truism as ancient as grain farming; which means it’s as ancient as the city itself." An August 2020 article in the Atlantic outlines the reasons why the spatial relationship between work and home is being weakened. The three reasons described in detail include the telepresence revolution, an increase in free agent entrepreneurship and the migration of workers that will reshape American Politics.
  • Forbes magazine published an interesting article for managers on why it is to their benefit to support their company's work from home policy,

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