Experiences that Elicit Empathy


Determine relevant projects or experiences that are designed to elicit empathy. Identify also strategies and techniques that are usually used to create empathy. The information will be used to design an exhibit at the new Conservation Gallery for the Dianne Fossey Gorilla Fund in Rwanda.

Early Findings

  • In Toyota Camry's series of advertisements, various scenarios were included to manifest the experiences of various races.
  • The advertisements are specifically made to mirror the experiences of "African-American, Hispanic or Asian-American audiences."
  • Audiences may perceive different commercial scenes based on whether they are watching "Scandal" on ABC, which has a large number of African-American viewers.
  • They might also gauge that a scene is from NBC's Universo which is a show patronized mainly by Hispanices.
  • Once pieced together, the campaign provide a perspective of how ethnicity pervade marketing campaigns in the US.
  • Audiences generally like to have various races in the advertisements because this represents majority of the country today.
  • P&G's "The Look" advertisement was intended to show racial bias as it follows the daily life of a black man.

Research proposal:

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