Micromobility Market Landscape


Determine the landscape of the micro-mobility market in the US for 0-1 mile trips. The information will be used for a fundraising pitch.

Early Findings


  • Urban dwellers are expected to be open to these micromobility solutions as they are already using various mobility solutions such as ride-sharing and other online transportation services.
  • Micromobility options are also seen as happiness-inducing solutiions as consumers like the speed and freedom to breeze through traffic.
  • The cost of bike or scooter rentals is also lower than cab fares or car ownership expenses.

Proposed next steps:

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Our initial research provided helpful insights on the market scope, size, trends, and the players in the industry. However, specific data points on the US micromobility (0 to 1-mile distance) market size and growth rates were not found even after an extensive search through market research, business publications, and industry reports. Based on this, we recommend continuing the research to provide the available information on the key players. As for those specific market size and growth rate data points that are not available, we propose triangulating the required information based on related available figures. We will provide the information in several research blocks. As most of the information found is not specific for 0 to 1-mile distances, we propose to substitute the data for 0 to 5-mile distances. (1) Provide a triangulated market size of the micromobility market in the US for 0 to 5-mile trips. We will estimate the size by doing one of the following possible technique based on available data: summing up the market size figures of several segments, providing the total number of users in the micromobility market, deriving the current data based on estimated growth rates, or calculating the cumulative revenue figures of the key players in the market. (2) Provide the growth rate of the US micro-mobility market (0-5 mile trips) based on available data from revenue history graphs of key players or other related segment growth rates. (3) Provide 7-9 of the top players in the micro-mobility market. We will base the top players' selection based on their revenue valuation, market share, number of users, or other available metrics. For each player, we will provide the link to their websites and the corresponding figures for the metric used.
We also propose doing additional research to provide a competitive analysis of the 7-9 major players identified above. For each player, we will provide a 1-2 sentence overview of the company, product offering details, competitive advantage of the company, and target customers. We also recommend performing additional research to determine 5-7 trends in the US micro-mobility market for 0-5 mile trips. For each trend, we will provide a description, the reason why it is a trend, and examples of brands that are manifesting the trend. We also recommend performing a strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT analysis) of the US micromobility market for 0-5 mile trips for a deeper understanding of the market.
For a more affordable option, we recommend undertaking additional research to provide 5-7 general insights around the micro-mobility market in the US as defined by 0-1 mile trips. The insights can be about the general observations on the market, its future direction, and 1-2 key players brief overview.