Digital Healthcare Platforms


A high level analysis of how digital healthcare platforms for patients are named and branded.

Early Findings

MyChart by Epic Systems

  • MyChart Mobile allows users to easily and quickly get access to their medical records including lab results. There is also a feature for patients to send private messages to their physicians. These patients can confirm or schedule appointments and see upcoming appointments as well.
  • Viewable data includes "test results, immunizations, medication, and health conditions indicated by a provider."
  • For tracking functions, MyChart uses "Track My Health" rather than "Track Your Health". Patients can track their blood pressure and weight through this. A screenshot of this can be found here.
  • To Log In, the app requests for the patient's details through with "MyChart ID."
  • Screenshots of the MyChart App can be found here.

The Mayo Clinic App

  • Mayo Clinic has an app simply called "The Mayo Clinic." The app has helpful maps that patients can use to find exactly where their appointments are in any of their locations.
  • The app also allows patients to access and pay their bills, communicate with their physicians via private messaging, and send their health data from the Apple Health app.
  • Patients can set up appointments via the app, view test results, and get "Express Care Online within an hour for common ailments that don't require an in-person visit."
  • The app also offers daily health news and advice on how best to stay healthy.
  • The app's capabilities include "Appointments," "Messages," Lab Results," and so on. Compared to MyChart which uses "My" in front on its functions, The Mayo Clinic App uses straight forward names. Screenshots can be found here.

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