Research Proposal

Plumbing Messaging Strategy


Gain an understanding of the marketing strategy of plumbing service companies in the California market (Mike’s Diamond, Roto Rooter, Rooter Hero, Rooter Band) including messaging approach, spend by type of media, as well as how consumers in this space make plumbing service decisions, and validate the target audience as HHI $110K + female homeowners age 35-64.

Early Findings

  • One source notes there are six key types of customers in the plumbing industry; home-owners, real estate agents, small business owners, restaurant owners, property managers, and contractors.
  • Home-owners most often find a plumbing service via a search engine. Keywords home-owners tend to use when searching for a plumber are "plumber", "plumbing", "best plumber", "best plumbing company", and "emergency plumber".
  • SEO is thought to be one of the most important factors for reaching consumers with plumbing services.
  • Brand building is a key strategy plumbing companies are using to stand out with customers, using reputation on review sites in combination with visual design and slogan to gain recognition.
  • To reach women, one strategy plumbing companies can use is to partner with a relevant social cause. For example, company Anderson Plumbing in San Diego partnered with the Susan G. Komen foundation.
  • Company Rooter Hero contributes their success to word-of-mouth and a strong grassroots marketing strategy.
  • Mike's Diamond used creative branding to stand out, using the slogan 'The Smell Good Plumber' to stand out above the competition.
  • The branding was associated with a marketing strategy around their reputation for high levels of cleanliness and above average sanitary standards.

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