Workplace Trends and Corporate Culture


To identify data points to support three workplace trends: how the workplace itself can transform culture, drive business objectives, and connect employees; how unique office spaces inspire and empower people; and the rise and impact of "vertical campuses," which support employees' working, living, and playing.

Early Findings

Vertical Campuses

  • Tencent, the Chinese tech company, offers a vertical campus at its Zhenzhen headquarters, which is two towers, connected by three bridges that encourage staff interaction.
  • The three bridges connecting the 50- and 39-story buildings offer facilities such as health centers, library, and running tracks.
  • The first bridge, nicknamed the "brain" offers classes, both professional and leisure, and conference spaces.
  • Bridge two includes a "climbing wall, basketball court, dance studio, 2 badminton courts, 6 billiards tables, and 12 Ping-Pong tables."
  • Bridge three offers a museum, cafeteria, and auditorium.


  • Innovative work spaces can create more engaged employees by using space effectively with natural light and collaborative spaces.
  • Beautiful work spaces promote productivity because employees enjoy coming to work.
  • Office spaces that encourage movement boost productivity by providing exercise for the body and mind (exercise makes people more alert).


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