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The forecasts, trends, revenue trends, competitors (if any), viewership trends, revenue breakdown (% per channel, merchandise, and ticket), biggest partners/sponsors, cross-platform advertising efforts, promotion optimization, streaming services & pay per view events, subscriptions, and business challenges of the World Wrestling Entertainment.

Early Findings


  • In 2017, the World Wrestling Entertainment had a total revenue of $729.2 million.

Media Division

  • The brand's media division accounted for 64% of its revenue in 2017. Under its media division, network subscription making up 23% of its revenue.
  • Pay-per-views - also under the media division - accounted for 2% of the WWE's revenue in 2017 while Television (part of media) made up 24% of its revenue.
  • Home Entertainment made up 1% of WWE's 2017 revenue while Digital Media accounted for 4% of its revenue and Live Events made up 19%.

Live Events

Consumer Products

  • The Consumer Products category, as a whole, made up 14% of WWE's revenue in 2017.
  • Under the Consumer Products category, Licensing accounted for 7% of its revenue while Venue Merchandise made up 3% of its revenue.
  • The WWEShop - which is the brand's e-commerce store accounted for 5% of its 2017 revenue.

WWE Studios

  • WWE Studios - which oversees the company's "participation in the production and global distribution of filmed entertainment content, which may include movies for theatrical, home entertainment, and/or television release" made up just 2% of the brand's 2017 revenue.
  • In 2017, WWE Studios released nine films.
  • Among the film projects, WWE Studios partnered with "Blumhouse Productions to release The Resurrection of Gavin Stone, Sleight and Birth of the Dragon via theatrical distribution. "
  • WWE Studios also "partnered with Sony Pictures to release Surf’s Up 2: WaveMania and Marine 5: Battleground, direct to DVD."
  • In partnership with "Warner Brothers Animation, WWE Studios released The Jetsons & WWE: RoboWrestleMania! direct to DVD."

Revenue By Region

  • Revenue generated in North America made up 75% of WWE's total revenue.
  • In 2017, about 70% of WWE content was "consumed outside of the U.S., including localized programming, such as WWE Saturday Night in Mexico, WWE Sunday , Dhamaal in India and Wal3ooha in the Middle East."
  • Other regions made up 25% of the company's 2017 revenue.
  • According to the company, "global expansion of WWE Network and television distribution continue to be the primary drivers of growth for our international business."

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