Research Outline



To research on the history of acquisitions made by FleetCor such as Comdata, the impact that these acquisitions have had on the fuel payments ecosystem, and the evolution of fleet card networks. The research will help to create a better understanding of the market dynamics in fuel payments.

Early Findings

Fleet/Fuel Card Acquisitions by FleetCor

1. Allstar Business Solutions

  • In December 2011, FleetCor Technologies, Inc announced that it had acquired Allstar Business Solutions Limited, a UK fuel card company which is a member of the Arval Group.
  • Allstar's fuel cards allow fleet companies to provide their drivers with payment cards that they can use to fuel vehicles, eliminating the need to use cash or credit cards.

2. GE Capital

  • In March 2013, FleetCor announced that it had acquired various fuel card assets from GE Capital Australia's fleet leasing business. The company's fleet card is a multi-branded fuel card that can be accepted in more than 6,000 fuel outlets and more than 7,000 automotive service and repair centers in Australia.
  • FleetCor acquired the fleet card product, supplier contracts, brand, acceptance network contracts and about a third of the customer relationships surrounding the cards.

3. Travelcard Nederland B.V.

4. Shell's Fuel Card Customer Portfolio

  • In May 2014, FleetCor announced that it had acquired part of Shell's fuel card customer portfolio in Germany.
  • This was done to give more specific services to this customer segment.

  • Other acquisitions include Fuelcard company in the UK and Cardlink and Fleet Card in New Zealand and Australia.

Summary of Early Findings

  • Our first hour of research was spent scanning for information about acquisitions by FleetCor and our early findings provided seven fleet card companies and assets that the company has acquired. We also did preliminary research on fleet card networks and the impact that FleetCor's acquisitions has had on the fuel payments ecosystems to determine whether all the requested information was available, which it is.
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