Research Outline

Yello Pricing


To provide an overview of the pricing for Yello recruiting software.

Early Findings

Pricing Information — Yello

  • Yello does not provide pricing for its products on the company website. Prospective customers are asked to request a demo from the company.
  • In the demo request prospective customers of Yello are asked to provide information on the country of operations, automatic tracking system used, the number of employees, an estimate of the annual hiring plans, the company recruiting focus, and whether the company recruits at events.
  • Yello's pricing model is subscription based with a free trial of the product available.

Pricing Information — Industry Review sites

  • The websites of software review sites Capterra, G2, GetApp, and SoftwareSuggest were consulted for information on pricing for Yello. The requested information was not found.
  • The review websites reported that prices for Yello were not provided by the vendor, or advised that prospective customers should contact Yello for current pricing. SoftwareSuggest provided a link to a form to request pricing for the software.
  • On the Capterra website, there were a total of seven customer reviews for pricing of the Yello software. Two customers gave a rating of four of five stars, two customers gave a rating of three of five stars, and one customer rated the software two stars out of five. Two reviews did not rate for value for money.
  • The top five competitors of Yello as listed by are iCIMS Talent Cloud, SAP SuccessFactors, SmartRecruiters, Lever, and Zoho Recruit.


  • During the initial hour of research aside from the availability of a free trial and the company pricing model being subscription based, no publicly available information was found regarding the pricing for Yello recruitment software.
  • The initial search began with a review of the company website, which provided the information required for the request of a free demo, and continued with a search of software review websites, as these websites usually provide information regarding company and competitor pricing for a product. Unfortunately, this was also unsuccessful. Attempts were made to source the information from company financial documents, however Yello is a privately held company, and this type of information was also unavailable. Finally, attempts were made to source the information from images, general searches, and recruitment industry association websites. This was also unsuccessful.
  • Given the difficulty in sourcing information regarding pricing for Yello, we suggest alternative research to provide a competitive landscape for Yello, as well as insights into the factors driving the selection of recruitment software by companies. The research paths are elaborated in the sections below. Please advise if alternative information is required.