To provide an overview of Yinzcam, including information on its founding, revenue, number of employees, sales growth, funding, key customers and recent product announcements and news about the company.

Early Findings

  • Yinzcam is a mobile technology developer focused on sports leagues and organizations.
  • The company develops apps and other technologies for a variety of professional sports leagues and teams, including teams and organizations affiliated with the NFL, NBA and NCAA among many others.
  • Priya Narasimhan is the founder and CEO of Yinzcam.
  • Yinzcam was founded in 2009 as a research project out of Carnegie Mellon University, where Narasimhan is a professor.
  • Prior to the official launching of the company, Yinzcam's technology was tested in a partnership with the Pittsburg Penguins. This partnership is considered key in Yinzcam's success.
  • Narasimhan was inspired to create the company by her frustration with not always being able to see the action when attending Penguins games. She channeled this frustration into the development of an app for the venue that included video replays and statistics along with content from other simultaneous games, combining the in-person viewing experience with features typically associated with at-home viewing.
  • Services offered by Yinzcam include team and league apps, venue apps, in-stadium replay technology, mobile loyalty programs, social games aimed at fan interaction, augmented reality, and IPTV/suite control.
  • Yinzcam apps have been downloaded over 55 million times.
  • The estimated annual revenue for Yinzcam is $7.3 million and the company has 38 employees.

Proposed next steps:

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Our initial research found information on Yinzcam's founding, services, revenue and employee count. We recommend continuing the research to identify year over year sales growth since the company's founding in 2009 as well as information on the company's funding rounds to date and major investors.
We also suggest continuing the research to identify 5-7 key customers. We will prioritize customers who have created a lot of media buzz or have contributed significantly to the growth or revenue of Yinzcam. For each, we will provide information on what technologies Yinzcam has developed for the customer and why they are considered a key customer (i.e. why they were chosen)
Finally, we suggest a press search for news published on the company within the last 12 months, including any major product announcements. We will provide 8-10 articles (if available) along with a brief overview of each and a link to the full article.