Youtube Partnerships


To identify examples of Youtube partnerships with brands and creators with information on its structure and cost.

Early Findings

Brand Partnerships: Overview

  • According to an article from Hootsuite, youtube does not take a cut from brand partnerships. The creator negotiates with the brand and is paid directly. The rate will depend on the size of the audience, engagement, and relevance to the potential brand partner.
  • Another source states that brand deals are initiated in two ways: either the brand will approach the creator or vice versa. Sometimes the brand offers free products in exchange for promotion.
  • Brand deals depend on the industry, niche, and audience engagement. A blog post from Jumpcut states that youtubers can earn $2,000 for every 100,000 followers.
  • It further states that according to a BBC report, the average earnings by channels for brand posts range from about $12,500 for a subscriber count of 100k-500k up to $300,000 for channels with over 7 million subscribers.

Brand Partnerships: Earnings

  • The following are some examples of Youtube brand deals and the earnings made as reported by Jumpcut.
- Nutrition and fitness YouTuber Kara Corey Fit Life earned $650 in 2016 for a featured video deal when she had 65k subscribers.
- Lingualizer charged $1.1 – $1.8k for shoutouts in 2018 (630k subscribers as of November 2019).
- This Guy Edits makes between $1,500 – $7000 for a video that includes a 5-7 second shout out and 30-45 seconds of details on the brand (259k subscribers).
- Frugal Aesthetic received an $8,000 brand deal for a 30-second to 1-minute integration when he had 500k subscribers.
-Musician and composer Lukas Gadelha received $80-150 offers in 2018. He currently has 297k subscribers.

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