Research Proposal

Adult Content on YouTube


Determine top YouTube campaigns and trends. The information will be used to analyze potential material for adult movies.

Early Findings

Adult Content on YouTube
  • The YouTube platform already removed around 12.6% of videos with adult content such as those that contain nudity or are sexual in nature.
  • Furthermore, adult videos that were uploaded on the platform were set as unlisted to prevent censorship and removal.
  • Based on a list of the top 100 YouTube search queries in the world, "xxx" is on the 64th place with 3,710,000 search volume.
  • Dani Daniels appeared as a top-ranking YouTube channel that was classified as erotic in the United States.
  • The channel's total uploaded video views is around 2,883,851.
  • Based on Google trends, the most searched topics based on the keywords "adult content youtube" are the following: adult - topic, website - topic, mobile app - topic; child - topic; and video - file format.

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